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Debt Trap

How to free yourself of the Debt Trap?

Debt Trap is a situation in which a debt is difficult or impossible to repay, typically because high interest payments prevent repayment of the principal.

It is absolutely critical to define the debt problem correctly, if one has to slay this monster once & for all. Looking at the debt trap through the finance prism alone, would be only as effective as treating the symptom, not the disease itself. If the root cause of debt remains unaddressed, the debt problem would re-emerge again & again, no matter how often it gets paid off.

  • Core Issue – Every financial problem is just an accumulation of many small mistakes made on the daily basis. It is a natural consequence of one’s financial habits & attitudes. Likewise, permanent solution to a financial problem is possible, only when default response of an investor prevents such mistakes from recurring. Financial mindset of a person is at the core of debt problem as well as its’ solution.
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Debt Trap

Debt is antithesis of wealth creation. It is however, not all bad, not something to be avoided at all costs, It can be used to leverage growth, to lubricate the wheels of finance & to fill gaps in capital requirement. Debt is great as long as it is used productively & the cost attached to…

Leverage your Income

Do you work harder than you should? Do you earn less than you deserve?!? It will probably be the case, if you are pursuing linear growth model for improving your income. Any constraint may be limiting your progress to faster growth – capital, time, knowledge, manpower, operational inefficiency, reach to wider customer base, etc. Expanding…

Expense side of the Equation

Spending is integral to wealth creation process as it sets the tone for the savings rate, size of corpus it leads to & how long it sustains. It is wired in human behavior to treat spending as reward for earning income. The joy of buying new things goes away soon enough because discontent for some…

Are you feeling it?!?

Inflation is the most popular word in the dictionary at the moment, for it intimately affects every household & by association the political & economic stability of a country. Caronavirus triggered the process with some serious money supply but the inflation ball has now got kicked far & beyond by Russian war on Ukraine. At…

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