Ntimes MF Service

Ntimes is on a mission to make ‘financial freedom’, an achievable objective for every person. Financial freedom facilitates what money cannot buy – a balanced & fulfilling life. Financial Freedom is so overwhelming in its scope that it forever remains on the wish list.

It is our endeavor to empower you with financial knowledge, so that you are motivated to start & persevere on this life long journey.

The core values governing our approach to financial freedom are to have simple, non-gimmicky approach to wealth creation, primacy for risk management, alignment of long term goals with long term happiness & discouraging mindless consumerism. Each plan is necessarily built around resources & circumstances unique to the investor.

Ntimes MF Service, an AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor, is a partnership initiative of Sanjeev Kumar Jhamb & CA Sunit Jhamb.

The Ntimes Blog

Tax Efficiency

Tax efficiency of a financial decision is the degree to which tax burden is reduced vis-à-vis the alternative structures, aiming for the same outcome. It is indicative of potential of savings by prudent choice of investing option & is as significant to ‘return on investment’ & ‘wealth creation’ as the investment selection & asset allocation are. Tax efficiency can be achieved by understanding how income tax rules are framed vis-à-vis investments & using it to minimize the tax burden. The financial affairs…

Asset Allocation

Financial history has been a witness to an investment yielding huge gains for individuals who bought & held it for a long-generation-long period as well as how these very assets have had a deep & painful correction. An asset class (including Equity) can possibly go on underperforming other asset classes for a very long time & an investor may not have sufficient time to recover from the drawdown. Too volatility equity can be as counter-productive to the cause as is the bond’s…

Are you feeling it?!?

Inflation is the most popular word in the dictionary at the moment, for it intimately affects every household & by association the political & economic stability of a country. Caronavirus triggered the process with some serious money supply but the inflation ball has now got kicked far & beyond by Russian war on Ukraine. At the moment, Sri Lanka, Russia, Pakistan & 30 other countries are in throes of instability due to this factor. It is cost-push & demand-pull in all its…

Compounding in Real Life

Would you care to guess? How much do savings of Rs. 10,000/- per month &/or weekly expenses of Rs. 500/-, affect your wealth creation over your working life (say 30 years)? How deeply is your post-retirement life shaped by wealth that you create in early stages of working life? Ever wonder? Why don’t people with same financial resources & opportunities, end up with same wealth outcome? Why do certain people get rich while others don’t? Luck may have a little bit to…

Tracking Progress to Freedom

A Danish politician once said “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” The remark may have been a tongue-in-cheek one but it does highlight the peril of making financial projections in a dynamic & complex environment, more so when assumptions have to be made for all the knowable & unknowable variables in the mix. A financial projection is only as good as the quality of data & the underlying assumptions. The challenge is even greater if time period under…

You won’t get wealthy, unless…

Wealth Creation is no rocket science. It is possible for anybody & everybody – irrespective of how little resources one is starting out with. Yet, very few succeed at what is simple & achievable. The abysmally low success rate of wealth creation is not without reason. Desire for wealth is not getting followed up by action necessary to fulfil it. The disconnect needs to be addressed. The solution is to emphasize this ultimate financial goal in each of the numerous daily decisions…

Contentment of Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is impossible to achieve without contentment. Understanding the numbers is important but every investor is an emotional being who has to live life one day at a time. Our consumeristic culture defines success & happiness in terms of materialistic possessions, leading to a blind chase for more & more – even if after a point the material possessions cease to give same joy as before. Financial Freedom as a life goal, is impossible to achieve if one does not limit…

Good, until it is not

Anyone born in last four decades would have experienced the current economic environment of low inflation, high GDP growth & increasing valuations (despite short term hiccups) & would not know other possible economic possibilities. In fact, investors & policy makers seem to believe that world has permanently moved beyond the possibilities of war, high inflation, stagflation, low growth rates & political instability. It would be prudent though, to consider long term historical data because the scene could change & in a big…

House Property – Rent or Buy

House Property is the most difficult decision to take, not the least due to the fact that there can be no clinical separation of financial & non-financial factors. The two are deeply intertwined & very difficult to prioritize. One has not only to know oneself but also be able to solve many mathematical problems, if one is to arrive at a suitable decision. The financial puzzle of a real estate investment (big ticket item, largely financed, very long duration) has to build…

Relation with Risk

Investment Risk is the chance that outcome of an investment is different from what was expected from it. It is impossible to avoid risk in any process that inherently forecasts the future. Risk could punish severely, surprise by its emergence when it is not properly understood but could also be turned into an advantage, if managed well. It is important to embrace risk by deliberately taking it on but in the right balance & for the right reasons. As an investor, one…


  1. Very well articulated, I believe if investor will follow these concepts it will really help him or her to achieve their goals.
    I suggest you pls keep posting such articles to inhance the knowledge of investors good initiatives taken by you and your company…



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