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Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the freedom to be who you are & to do what you want in life, without being limited by monetary considerations. Financial freedom – Why? Happiness is the central purpose of life & a goal in itself. It comes from following one’s heart & maximizing experiences that make living special.

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Financial Freedom

Freedom is the innate desire of every human. It is a necessary condition for happiness because a person is then able to make choices that enhance his living experiences. However, most people become prisoner of their own making by pursuing symbols of wealth & getting forced into a life of financial necessity. To live as…

Contentment of Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is impossible to achieve without contentment. Understanding the numbers is important but every investor is an emotional being who has to live life one day at a time. Our consumeristic culture defines success & happiness in terms of materialistic possessions, leading to a blind chase for more & more – even if after…

Tracking Progress to Freedom

A Danish politician once said “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” The remark may have been a tongue-in-cheek one but it does highlight the peril of making financial projections in a dynamic & complex environment, more so when assumptions have to be made for all the knowable & unknowable variables in…

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